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Wed Dec 14 18:54:49 UTC 2016

Hi Yoshio,

Thanks again. I think I can solve the problem now.


On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 10:50:55PM -0800, yoshio wrote:
> Also, if you just installed a new debian system, the default MTA is exim4.
> Try typing "dpkg -l |grep exim", do you see any exim packages listed?
> says exim delivers the first
> 10 messages and puts the rest in the queue.  It suggests making fetchmail
> run "exim -q" in the postconnect, or just use procmail to bypass your local
> MTA.  Just for completeness, also exists.
> The exim option smtp_accept_queue_per_connection default value is 10
> from
> This option limits the number of delivery processes that Exim starts automatically when receiving messages via SMTP, whether via the daemon or by the use of -bs or -bS. If the value of the option is greater than zero, and the number of messages received in a single SMTP session exceeds this number, subsequent messages are placed on the queue, but no delivery processes are started. This helps to limit the number of Exim processes when a server restarts after downtime and there is a lot of mail waiting for it on other systems. On large systems, the default should probably be increased, and on dial-in client systems it should probably be set to zero (that is, disabled).
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