kalilinux accessibility

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at panix.com
Mon Jan 18 02:30:24 UTC 2016

I bought a new open architecture computer and kalilinux was installed on 
it and orca was set up and enabled.  Unfortunately a talking login prompt 
was not enabled.  I was told to wait a minute when starting the system and 
then to type in credentials I was provided.  There were two solidstate 
disks sent with the system one inside the machine and another in a holder 
in a box that came with the package both of which had kalilinux installed 
on them.  I have proved the machine is not defective since I put 
talkingarch on one of those two drives but to date have not figured out 
how to get kalilinux talking.  I know when installing kalilinux before it 
did not mind installing and working on a system without a monitor.  For 
now I don't have the right connector for the monitor I do have so until 
this situation is temporarily remedied by tech support somewhere along the 
way, no sighted person can look at the monitor and tell me what's going 
wrong.  I would like to know what key combination to hit to disable the 
screen saver temporarily long enough for me to log into the system.  This 
is a really fast machine with much in the way of resources and I 
experienced things with sata drives where those had to be kept unlocked 
until the dvd started spinning when I wanted to install something on those 
sata drives and then quickly locked the drive so the installation could 
proceed.  It may be things are happening faster than anticipated by 
developers who don't always have the state of the art hardware.
There are brailled commands I have for gnome to permanently disable screen 
savers but you have to be logged in to issue them.


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