Sharing files between Linux and Windows

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Tue Jul 5 20:50:10 UTC 2016

I recommend using NFS server in Windows to serve the share to the Linux
client and Linux will be fine. Just mount it somewhere on your Linux
directory tree using NFS. Much easier than fiddling around with Samba. Lots
of free Windows NFS server sw out there and even comes as part of certain
windows versionns. Have a google.


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I'm going to set up a folder called c:\share on my Windows machine. I want
to set up a device on my Linux machine which is connected with this folder
over my LAN. I know that this can be done, because I had something similar
at one time. However, i'm not certain how to do it again. If I remember, it
just took an entry in fstab and an entry in /dev. Thanks.


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