for those who want console speech in manjaro based distros

Mark Peveto southernprince73 at
Wed Jul 6 09:15:19 UTC 2016

I've been kicking tail trying to get console speech to work in manjaro based distros, such as sonar, and f123 visual.  I find I've been successful, but
you have to jump through a couple hoops to do it.
First, update your system as normal with sudo pacman -Syu, or however you choose to do that.
Next, install downgrade.
yaourt -S downgrade
Once that's installed, this is where things could get a little sticky.
sudo downgrade espeak
That's right, the newer versions of espeak won't allow console speech to work.  Once you type sudo downgrade espeak, you're presented with about 5
options.  I've had the best luck with option 3.
Pick that, and go through the install process.  Until the espeak issue has been fixed, I went ahead and added espeak to the ignore package list, so I
don't hafta keep downgrading after I've done a system update.
that's the very short version of what's been one heck of a process for me.
Note: once you downgrade espeak, the language may change on you...a simple reboot will fix the problem, which you'll need to do anyway.
That's it, folks.  Have a good one.

Mark Peveto
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