Problems with Alpine.

Dan Rossi dr25 at
Wed Jul 6 14:58:54 UTC 2016

I am not running Linux locally, but using cygwin to ssh into linux boxes 
at the university.  I use Alpine on the university boxes to read email. 
At some point, in the last month or two, something must have changed in 
the configuration of Alpine, but I cannot seem to track it down.  My 
folder list has disappeared.

I mean, if I hit l to bring up my folder list, the only thing that now 
shows is INBOX, where it used to show a whole list of folders.

The behavior gets much more weird though.  If I use the g command to go-to 
a folder, and I try and tab complete the folder name, it fails with Folder 
not Found.  However, if I type the whole folder name in, I can then go to 
that folder.

If I attempt to save a message from my inbox to a folder, it fails even if 
I type the entire folder name in.  Gives me, Folder not found, create it 

I don't know what changed, and the system administrators have been slow in 
getting back to me.  Any ideas from the group?

Blue skies.
Dan Rossi
E-Mail:	dr25 at
Tel:	(412) 422-5423

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