Sharing files between Linux and Windows

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Wed Jul 6 17:25:11 UTC 2016

Well, now that I've spoken up for samba, let me amend my thoughts
slightly ...

Yes, I think nfs would be easier, but I've usually run into problems
getting nfs supported on Windows when I've tried to do that.

However, now that bash and apt-get has come to Windows 10, maybe this
will get much easier? That's worth exploring, imo.

PS: I'm not aware the Windows 10 update which provides bash and apt-get
is out yet, but it's due very soon, if not already out.


Phil Rigby writes:
> I recommend using NFS server in Windows to serve the share to the Linux
> client and Linux will be fine. Just mount it somewhere on your Linux
> directory tree using NFS. Much easier than fiddling around with Samba. Lots
> of free Windows NFS server sw out there and even comes as part of certain
> windows versionns. Have a google.
> Phil.
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> I'm going to set up a folder called c:\share on my Windows machine. I want
> to set up a device on my Linux machine which is connected with this folder
> over my LAN. I know that this can be done, because I had something similar
> at one time. However, i'm not certain how to do it again. If I remember, it
> just took an entry in fstab and an entry in /dev. Thanks.
> John
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