GNU/Linux now has a high-quality OCR

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According most blind users, one of major problems in GNU/Linux systems
has been the fact there is no quality OCR. Since Universal Accessible
System, Hypra has made it easier to be used by anyone, including Windows
users. They will soon ship a high-quality speech synthetiser. For now,
they fix the OCR issue.

Thanks a partnership with Abbyy, Hypra now provides a utility for image
files and scanned documents recognition.

It is a binary file. Then, everyone can run it as a commandline tool.
For people who use MATE and want easy-to-use thing, Hypra provides a
Debian package that you can install on any system. It adds an entry in
she context menu of Caja, the file manager. Hypra also provides the
needed commandline that you can add to customized bindings in your
desktop environment.

Once installed, Abbyy FineReader from Hypra becomes the simplest OCR
suite in the PC world, as a single binding or a context menu entry is
enough to run scanning, recognition, displaying in the LibreOffice
suite. Scanned images are stored.

Finally, the utility is available in the Universally Accessible System.

What about price? 150 euros. Slightly less expensive than OmniPage for
Windows or FineReader in full release. Hypra provides here the only
solution unlimited for GNU/Linux, while Abbyy provides at such price a
12000 pages per-year limited release, or unlimited one for 3000 euros.

The movement initiated by Hypra is good, new step in an accessible for
everybody system, removing any barreers.


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