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Thu Jul 7 16:50:41 UTC 2016

I used the 64-bit desktop image of ubuntu.  You know, it occurs to me 
that a likely cause for your installer crash might be invalid 
installation media. Either the image got scrambled during download or it 
got scrambled being written to your installation media. I think you 
should download the image again and try a new CD or a different thumb 
drive. How old is your computer? It'd be better if it's old because the 
drivers are going to be stable. On the other hand, an oldcomputer is 
more likely to have problems. So it could be the computer but I'd bet on 
installation media.
On 07/07/2016 11:07 AM, Kristoffer Gustafsson wrote:
> Hi.
> what ubuntu image did you download?
> I downloaded ubuntu desktop.
> right after ubuntu had made partitions and continued with the
> installation it crashed.
> I wonder why the netinstall iso didn't find my harddrive. it would
> have been easier to install in text mode like in debian.
> do you think that all my problems is because I've got a bad computer?
> I mean the things with alsa and so.
> /Kristoffer
> 2016-07-07 17:21 GMT+02:00, John G Heim <jheim at>:
>> I think it's a little hasty to tell people not to try ubuntu 16.04. I've
>> installed ubuntu 16.04 so often that I eventually took the time to
>> configure a pxe installation server. I've never had it crash. Your
>> problem might have been a hardware failure or a kernel bug. Ubuntu
>> compiles it's own kernels but they are not responsible for the drivers.
>> On 07/07/2016 09:46 AM, Kristoffer Gustafsson wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> This was not good. Tried to install ubuntu desktop. The installer crached.
>>> Do not try ubuntu desktop 16.04.
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>>>> 7 juli 2016 kl. 15:26 skrev Mark Peveto <southernprince73 at>:
>>>> Also, ubuntu mate is accessible as well.  I've run it.
>>>> Mark Peveto
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>>>>> On Thu, 7 Jul 2016, Christopher Chaltain wrote:
>>>>> What version of Ubuntu have you tried, and how did you try to bring up
>>>>> speech?
>>>>> Did you try alt+super+s for example?
>>>>> Also, Vinux is based on Ubuntu, and it comes up talking.
>>>>>> On 07/07/16 06:17, Kristoffer Gustafsson wrote:
>>>>>> Hi.
>>>>>> Since I got problems with latest testing version of debian(it refuses
>>>>>> to run orca) I have decided to try ubuntu instead.
>>>>>> but when trying there is no braille or speech at all.
>>>>>> can I install ubuntu in some way?
>>>>>> I tried the network install, but when I did ubuntu didn't find my
>>>>>> harddrive. just the usb stick.
>>>>>> /Kristoffer
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