debian wifi failure

Joel Roth joelz at
Tue Jul 12 00:58:58 UTC 2016

Jude DaShiell wrote:
> The debian web page on how to use wifi is useless.  Has anyone here got
> experience setting up a workable version of /etc/network/interfaces?  I can
> probably put mine up on this list if it will help.
I've been experimenting with simple-netaid, a command-line utility for
configuring wireless networks. A little cryptic, but usable.
The executable is called 'backend'. Here is the help:

   backend -h|--help   # Print this message.
   backend 0 ESSID PWD # Save PWD for ESSID.
   backend 1 ESSID PWD # Save PWD for ESSID and connect to ESSID.
   backend 2 ESSID     # Query saved connection ESSID for wpa-ssid.
   backend 3 ESSID     # Delete saved connection ESSID.
   backend 4 ESSID     # Connect to ESSID.
   backend 5           # Disconnect active connection.
   backend 6           # Scan to standard output.
   backend 7           # List saved connections to standard output.
   backend 8           # Detailed scan to standard output.
   backend 9 eth0      # Connect to eth0.
   backend 10          # Automatically attempt to connect.
   backend 11          # Brute force call ifdown for all devices.


Joel Roth

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