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Sat Jul 16 18:03:49 UTC 2016

Hi John,

What is your need for a RAM disk?  With the advent of solid
state drives (SSD) access to files is much faster, so there
is less need for RAM disk. Also, I believe linux will cache
disk files in RAM. 

I recall hearing linux behaves better with a swap file, even if it is 
used very little. 



John J. Boyer wrote:
> I've more or less decided to replacer my ten-year-old Linux machine. It 
> is giving error messages intermittently. Most of them are about sector 
> errors, but others seem to have nothing to do with the hard drive. It 
> may be more and more troublesome, even if the hard drive is replaced. 
> Besides, it would be nice to get more up-to-date hardware.
> I'm thinking of getting 32 GB of ram. 8 GB will be for normal use. The 
> other 24 GB will be in a ramdisk. Do I need a paging file? 8 GB of 
> available ram should be more than enough. The paging file on my present 
> machine always shows 0 usage, even with only 4 GB of ram. How do I avoid 
> setting up a paging file during installation? I'm using Debian Jessie.
> How do i set up the ramdisk? I want to assign the temp directory to it. 
> It might be nice if the bin, sbin and usr directories were loaded onto 
> it at boot-up.
> Thanks,
> John
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