Questions about setting up a new computer

Sam Hartman hartmans at
Sun Jul 17 21:48:56 UTC 2016

>>>>> "John" == John J Boyer <john.boyer at> writes:

    John> With the information i have received from the list I would now
    John> say that 8 GB of RAM is more than enough. Since Linux caches
    John> files in memory, the value of an SSD is debatable. I'll
    John> probably get a 1 TB hard drive. The performance with my
    John> present hard drive is fast enough, and 1 TB drives are cheap.

The SSD drive is well worth it.
Yes, Linux caches files in memory.
That's great for reads.
However, there are a lot of cases where the computer waits for writes to
complete before doing the next thing.
SSD makes that much faster.

Also, SSD improves boot performance and improves first-time-app-launch


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