How did people here learn GUIs

Chris Brannon chris at
Mon Jul 18 21:19:39 UTC 2016

Cheryl Homiak <cah4110 at> writes:

> Back when I was learning linux I seem to remember a book I had from 
> what was then RFB called Running Linux and I think I may even have  
> read a Linux for Dummies book.

Running Linux was the first Linux book I read, back in 2000.
It was available as a free etext from TLDP in a variety of formats,
including my preference, plain vanilla ASCII!
Fun times!
I don't know whether it is still being updated, but
it was definitely helpful back then.
Really, TLDP was just plain awesome back in the day.
It was well-curated, high-quality information.
I'm afraid that web search is teaching us all to forget the value of curation.
I also read the Slackware book, likewise in etext.
I had been using Unix shells for years, so I already had a grasp of the
command line before I started running Linux on my own machines.
I learned Bourne shell scripting from an old tutorial I found on the

Wow that brings back some good memories.

-- Chris

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