How did people here learn GUIs

Sam Hartman hartmans at
Tue Jul 19 19:26:22 UTC 2016

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin McCormick <martin.m at> writes:

    Martin> 	The problem with learning GUI's for me was not the
    Martin> concept so much as knowing what keys to push to make it
    Martin> work. I actively avoided Windows since for most of my
    Martin> working life, most Windows screen readers were outrageously
    Martin> expensive money pits in which you basically pay double or
    Martin> triple for your work station. I could have gotten all the
    Martin> JAWS I wanted in my job, but I knew I would one day not be
    Martin> working there any more and would have to caugh up that money
    Martin> myself if I got too much in to Windows.

JAWS in particular being the huge money pit.
I ditched JAWS when they accused me of trying to pirate their software
because I reverse-engineered part of their copy protection in order to
debug an incompatibility between it and the thinkpad floppy drive.

For those who haven't used Windows recently, Narrator is much muchbetter
than it used to be.
I think in Windows 8, I'd be willing to try Narrator as my primary
screen reader, and it looks like with Windows 10 it would be good enough
for what I'd want to do.


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