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Kyle kyle4jesus at
Sat Jul 23 21:06:06 UTC 2016

So some Ubuntu packages will work in Windows now. And in August, from 
what I understand, Windows users will be able to run Unity as well. Why 
on GOd's green earth is this news? Ubuntu has been available for years, 
with Bash, apt-get, Unity and so much more. Is this an admission by 
Microsoft that GNU/Linux is the superior operating system, or is it a 
pure and simple violation of the GPL? Maybe it's some sort of reverse 
ploy to woo GNU/Linux users, or maybe Unix/Linux sysadmins to Windows 
land, making them subject to as many viruses and security holes as 
Windows users have had to deal with for years. "Look here! We'll give 
you what you really want! All the same shells and programs you're used 
to using, and all the poor attempts at security you can expect from 
Windows to go along with it, all for a nominal subscription fee!" In any 
case, If I want Ubuntu, I'll use Ubuntu. I certainly won't be switching 
away from it to some half-baked try at Ubuntu within the half-baked 
Windows environment.
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