How did people here learn GUIs

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Sun Jul 24 17:27:43 UTC 2016

I'm not exactly sure why developers would want this either. Windows 
developers already had Visual Studio, which they apparently love, and 
GNU/Linux developers will continue using GNU/Linux, where all the 
development software anyone could dream of is free and open source. 
Developers, more even than regular users, want a complete solution, not 
some half-baked attempt at GNU in a Microsoft environment. They will 
either go for 100% Microsoft in the Windows + Visual Studio, or they 
will develop for GNU/Linux. Cross-platform developers will continue 
doing what they have always done, which means running multiple OS's and 
building for each one individually. I guess maybe people building 
Rockbox who have used GNU/Linux to build it for years will possibly be 
able to fully build it in a Windows environment without Cygwin, but 
what's the point, especially when they've already been using GNU/Linux 
for years to do that?
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