chromium accessibility status?

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Sun Jul 24 22:07:08 UTC 2016

Does this include any machines running a Debian based Linux? It used to 
be the case that Chromium didn't have NACL support in the Debian 
distributions, so you couldn't get ChromeVox to work. This wasn't true 
in Chrome though, which you could use in Debian based distributions.

On 24/07/16 16:29, Kyle wrote:
> Chromium works with speech-dispatcher on all my machines here. First I
> installed Chromium and added the ChromeVox extension. Then I copied
> /usr/share/applications/chromium.desktop into
> ~/.local/share/applications and edited the Exec= line as follows:
> Exec=chromium --enable-speech-dispatcher %U
> Upon saving the file, Chromium when run from the menu or with a URL from
> MATE's run window will start with ChromeVox and speech-dispatcher
> enabled. Keep in mind that GNOME's run window doesn't allow typing a URL
> directly as in
> so in GNOME, you will need to run Chromium from the overview or
> explicitly add the --enable-speech-dispatcher line as in
> chromium --enable-speech-dispatcher
> Hope this helps.
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