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All I can tell you, Kyle, is that I've spoken with quite a few corporate
software developers who are jazzed to have bash and standard linux tools
available in a Windows shell. These are people who use the graphical
IDEs available on Windows, and who sometimes complain that they wouldn't
be able to keep up if that had to rely on gdb. However, there are still
tasks that are simply done faster with tools like sed and awk, to name
just a few.

Apparently, until this development the process has been to access to
code from two different machines, perhaps virtual machines, but
different machines. Now, they're looking forward to a well integrated
cli toolkit.


Kyle writes:
> I'm not exactly sure why developers would want this either. Windows
> developers already had Visual Studio, which they apparently love, and
> GNU/Linux developers will continue using GNU/Linux, where all the
> development software anyone could dream of is free and open source.
> Developers, more even than regular users, want a complete solution, not some
> half-baked attempt at GNU in a Microsoft environment. They will either go
> for 100% Microsoft in the Windows + Visual Studio, or they will develop for
> GNU/Linux. Cross-platform developers will continue doing what they have
> always done, which means running multiple OS's and building for each one
> individually. I guess maybe people building Rockbox who have used GNU/Linux
> to build it for years will possibly be able to fully build it in a Windows
> environment without Cygwin, but what's the point, especially when they've
> already been using GNU/Linux for years to do that?
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