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Doug Smith romans10.9 at
Fri Jun 3 14:25:11 UTC 2016

Ok, folks, I don't understand what the problem is getting this to work.  I have watched this thread and seen all the difficulty all of you are having getting speakup to work with pulseaudio.  There is no problem at all 
in doing this and it is working perfectly well over here with a stock system.  

First of all, here is what I have on here.  I am using kali which is little more than a doctored up debian testing.  I have gnome, latest version on here with orca latest version.  I have all the sound on the system 
working properly because I use this as my ordinary desktop linux as well.  Nothing in the system has been modified to get speakup to work.  Here is how it is done on debian or any of its derivatives.  

1. Install the system normally.  Kali has an installer that lets you do this.  
2. install speakup-toolsThis will install all the needed parts to make the system work and configurable.  
3. With your favorite text editor, edit the file /etc/modules and put speakup_soft as the last line in the file.  4. reboot and make sure to hit the keypad enter to stop speakup from speaking when the system starts.  
5. Now, when you are in your desktop, use the terminal to enter the command systemctl disable espeakup.service  this has to be done as root.  
6. When you reboot each time, hit the alt-f2 in the desktop and type espeakup.
7. go to a console with control alt f1-f7 and login with speech and all.  
8. set up the speech and punctuation rates for speakup and save /etc/speakup with speakupconf save.  When you reboot you will need speakupconf load somewhere in your .bashrc file to make all the configuration come back 
to the way you like it.  

Hope this helps. 


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