numbered lines in links

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Wed Jun 29 15:50:09 UTC 2016

Here's what I had to do.  You should first know the menu for adjusting 
things in links gotten to by alt-v then arrow down to html options and hit 
enter then arrow down to links are numbered does not work.  I could not 
find any way to get an x to the left of links are numbered.  However, 
there is another way and I recommend the following.  First edit 
~/.links/html.cfg and change links are numbered 0 to links are numbered 1 
then save that file and even make a backup of the file so you can 
overwrite when links screws your edits up.  That did work.  It was not 
intelligent combining g.u.i. with text displays in this case and I don't 
know where the error is in the code.  Also I'm on talkingarchlinux which 
is bleeding edge since it uses rolling release policy.  You might try the 
menu approach on your system or on your work systems that approach may 
work but if it doesn't work you now have a workaround.


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