brltty and dracut

John G Heim jheim at
Wed Jun 29 17:13:27 UTC 2016

Has anyone gotten brltty to insert itself into the initrd on debian 
jessie? I have only a virtual machine to try this on but it looks to me 
as if debian switched from initramfs-tools to dracut to build the initrd 
and therefore, brltty can no longer insert itself into the initrd. I 
happen to be working with a debian developer on the scripts to get 
brltty into the initrd via dracut. If we get it working, it might be of 
interest to the brltty developers. I am just wondering if anyone can 
confirm my  assessment of the problem and if anyone has ever had 
personal contact with the brltty developers. I could email them but I 
thought it would be better if I knew exactly who to talk to.

John G. Heim; jheim at; sip://

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