Debian installers.

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Didn’t know that mate.
Sorry for not doing this.
Will do it next time.
> On 03 Mar 2016, at 01:05, Jude DaShiell <jdashiel at> wrote:
> Why not stack the deck this time?  After choosing language, why not hit the < key until you get onto the main menu and select save log files and save them to a mounted file system installer will offer /mnt on the hard drive.  Then change the debconf priority to low and once that's been done go back to installing with the next default step on the main menu. This way, the log file will have lots more information in it as to what failed and why.
> On Wed, 2 Mar 2016, Anders Holmberg wrote:
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>> Hi!
>> Certainly mate.
>> I realized that when i put my self to sleep so now i have downloaded Jessie net installer.
>> Haven?t tried it yet but do hope that i wont get step installer failed.
>> /A
>>> 2 mars 2016 kl. 00:36 skrev Tim Chase <blinux.list at>:
>>> On March  2, 2016, Anders Holmberg wrote:
>>>> what is the nitinstaller?
>>> Spelling it correctly will likely help you find the documentation you
>>> need.  It's a "net" installer, as in a minimal boot image that
>>> boot-straps you into the installer.  From there, it downloads the
>>> rest of the bits that it needs over the network (thus
>>> "net-installer").  This is the way I usually install Debian, as it
>>> only downloads the packages I request, rather than downloading a
>>> large install image that may include things that I don't need/want.
>>> -tim
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