another reason not to like pulseaudio

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Sat Mar 5 04:12:53 UTC 2016

You have to go through a captcha which is not audio to join the 
pulseaudio-discuss list.
I'm sure this cc: will be rejected so I'll ask here too.
The better pair of speakers I have has a single usb connection and is 
powered by the computer and takes data through that same usb connection. 
Unfortunately, has got stuff all over linux including 
polkit that gets onto command line systems too by now.
What I'm using for speakers gets power from the wall and gets data from a 
3.5MM jack.  Having read pulseaudio manuals pacmd and pactl I'm starting 
to understand a little but am pretty sure before the end of this 
reconfiguration attempt I'm going to have a college level calculus 
headache.  The stuff referred to as documentation is that kind of 
documentation.  What I'd like to do is to move speaker output post reboot 
on a stable basis over to a usb port and put that set of usb speakers to 
work.  I'm thinking this may just be the time to first clean my system of 
pulseaudio and probably for good measure all other 
packages and ban any of them from ever showing up on my system again. 
Once done, use alsa by itself to do the switch.  I don't know that anyone 
on this list has ever managed anything like this, but if you have please 
share insights and experience.


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