Weird ncftp Issue?

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Mon Mar 7 01:14:58 UTC 2016

On March  6, 2016, Hart Larry wrote:
> Wow, I've never seen this one. I prefer ncftp as it has a switch to
> delete items as they are successful. Well, trying to grab larger
> items from Shellworld down to the hard-drive, I grab useing a
> wild-card. But just as the first file gets down to 1second
> remaining, it stalls, no matter which extention I try.

While I can't replicate the problem (not having a
account), I can toss a couple ideas/alternatives on the table:

- have you tried using "passive" mode?  Based on a quick scan of the
  ncftp documentation, it looks like you just need to type
  "set passive on" or "set passive off" at the ncftp prompt (to
  change it back to the default, the docs say to use "set passive
  optional". Since you're connecting and starting a download, I don't
  *think* that this is the issue, but sometimes I have problems with
  firewalls interfering with the transfer.

- you can try using plain old "ftp" rather than ncftp to see if
  there's a difference in behavior?  It should support "mget" to get
  the files, and "mdelete" to delete the files

- if you're still getting stuck, you might try using "rsync" which
  will pull back the files from the remote to the local over either
  ssh or telnet.  This gives you more powerful control over which
  files get copied, as well as the option to delete after copying.

Hope this helps, or at least gets you further sample data to report


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