[pulseaudio-discuss] another reason not to like pulseaudio

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at panix.com
Mon Mar 7 23:07:55 UTC 2016

Talkingarchlinux has system.d by default installing along with 
pulseaudio also as default.  I didn't know about de-vua and when it gets 
available will be interested to test it since that distro is interested 
in acessibility, it's important to support those with interests in 
helping accessibility in the floss community wherever found to me at 
talkingarchlinux as I have it set up now is a command line environment 
since the tutorial on taking a command line environment to a graphical 
user interface environment isn't yet available and from what I've read 
talkingarchlinux is supposed to be more stable in graphical user 
interface accessibility mode than sonargnulinux which is a fork from 
manjaro.  I don't know this to be the case yet but it will be 
interesting to find out when support at talkingarch.tk gets the time to 
produce that podcast.  For those that don't know, manjaro is a fork off 
of archlinux and talkingarchlinux is a variant of archlinux as well.

On Mon, 7 Mar 2016, Joel Roth wrote:

> Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2016 12:43:19
> From: Joel Roth <joelz at pobox.com>
> To: blinux-list at redhat.com
> Subject: Re: [pulseaudio-discuss] another reason not to like pulseaudio
> Bryan Duarte wrote:
>>> Jude,
>> I found the same thing happen to me also with the pulse
>> audio not ever fully being removed as a priority audio
>> output device. I have attempted to change its order,
>> completely turn it off, and set the USB audio driver as
>> the priority audio output device yet speech will not
>> deploy through it. There has got to be a way for us to get
>> these drivers installed and set to default or better yet
>> convert the pulse audio so we can get speech output. This
>> is seriously crazy that this is the only thing keeping
>> blind people from having full and complete access to our
>> devices!
> Hi Bryan, Jude
> I'm curious which flavor(s) of linux you are using.
> And whether pulseaudio is the default in the installer.
> There is an ongoing effort to remove systemd dependence in a
> fork of Debian called 'Devuan', and I believe they will
> be responsive to feedback on accessibility issues.
> The letters 'VUA' in the name comes from 'veteran Unix
> administrators.'
> There is a good chance that the installer and default
> installation will be ALSA only, or could be so tweaked to
> support the blinux community.
> One step is removing systemd, and editing package
> dependencies so that packages no longer require or recommend
> systemd. Heavy desktop environments (notably Gnome) that
> depend heavily on systemd will be supported later if at all.
> A lighter desktop environment (probably xfce) will be the
> default for those want one.
> A second step will be replacing udev (with its net of
> dependencies which include dbus) with vdev, a simpler
> replacement currently under development.
> Pulseaudio also works with dbus, and I believe Devuan
> developers are interested in removing the requirement for PA
> from the installer and/or base system. At any rate they will
> be responsive to accessbility considerations.
> Cheers,
> Joel


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