for those who use elinks?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Fri Mar 18 20:08:00 UTC 2016

Indeed, I do as well.
Which given the error I got stated "java script not enabled," is it a fair 
guess that it is not present here?
scripting might mean many things, so I am  not assuming.
And you are welcome Tim for the door to Ken.

On Fri, 18 Mar 2016, Hart Larry wrote:

> OK Tim-and-All, here's what I get here on Shellworld:
> elinks --version
> ELinks 0.12pre6
> Built on Dec 11 2013 05:17:48
> Features:
> Standard, IPv6, gzip, bzip2, UTF-8, Periodic Saving, Viewer (Search
> History, Timer, Marks), Cascading Style Sheets, Protocol
> (Authentication, File, CGI, Finger, FSP, FTP, HTTP, URI rewrite, User
> protocols), SSL (GnuTLS), MIME (Option system, Mailcap, Mimetypes
> files), LED indicators, Bookmarks, Cookies, Form History, Global
> History, Scripting (Perl), Goto URL History
> Hope that helps
> Hart
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