web based ssh?

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Thu Mar 31 15:26:46 UTC 2016

John is correct except that SSH can be configured to run on any port,
including port 80, if you like. It's not restricted to port 22. Many
people I know have begun configuring their SSH to listen on nonstandard
ports as an additional measure of security.

I was in an ISO meeting at the British Standards Institute in London
some years ago where they routinely blocked outbound connections on all
ports except 80. One option I considered was running back to my hotel
and reconfiguring my server to accept SSH over 80, though instead I was
able to talk them into allowing my hwaddr access to port 22 outbound for
the week I was in that meeting.


John G Heim writes:
> How can an ssh client run in a browser? Maybe the ssh client can be launched
> by the browser. But it has to establish a connection and talk to the server
> via the ssh protocol on port 22.  Ultimately, it's no different than putty
> or secureCRT.
> On 03/31/2016 03:11 AM, Henry Yen wrote:
> >On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 07:31:38AM -0700, Hank Smith, and Seeing-eye dog Iona wrote:
> >>Hello any one know of a blind friendly web based ssh client that I can
> >>access from with in windows?
> >There are a couple of java ssh clients that run in most modern web browsers.
> >Mindterm (now from cryptzone.com) is/was a very popular one.
> >
> >I don't know if mindterm is blind-friendly (although the cryptzone website
> >explicitly claims 508 compliance, which is quite unusual).
> >
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