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Tue May 3 12:29:01 UTC 2016

Well, this isn't true. Vinux has been recommending upgrading packages 
since Vinux 4, and there were very good and sound reasons to be cautious 
upgrading packages in Vinux 3 and earlier, such as breaking the 
accessibility stack.

I'm not going to try to convince anyone to use Vinux, and I'm not going 
to change any opinions based on ignorance and closed mindedness, but I 
would caution everyone else not to draw your conclusions based on 
messages like this to the list that are based on dated knowledge and 
prejudiced opinions. I'd encourage anyone to do their own research and 
draw their own conclusions. In the case of Vinux, join the Vinux support 
list and check out the Vinux wiki. This isn't true just for Vinux. I'd 
give this same advice when talking about Sonar, Android or any other 
product where opinions are so easy to come by.

On 03/05/16 07:15, mattias wrote:
> vinux are crap anyway
> because the vinux team dont recomend upgrading packages
> Den 2016-05-03 kl. 13:59, skrev Christopher Chaltain:
>> Vinux is based on Ubuntu which is a Debian distribution. There is most
>> definitely an apt-get command and tons of up to date packages. I'm not
>> sure what you're reading, but you definitely have some misinformation
>> there.
>> On 03/05/16 05:26, mattias jonsson wrote:
>>> hm? no apt in vinux?
>>> vinux are built on ubuntu..
>>> Den 2016-05-03 kl. 12:15, skrev Kristoffer Gustafsson:
>>>> Hi.
>>>> Ok, I've read a lot now and found out that I can't install unity under
>>>> debian at all.
>>>> so I have to use mate.
>>>> if I install that. how do I change between the gnome-shell and the
>>>> mate desktop?
>>>> vinux is not an option. there are almost no packages to install, and
>>>> the packages I can install is out of date.
>>>> There is no apt-get or anything like that.
>>>> /Kristoffer
>>>> 2016-05-02 11:51 GMT+02:00, Kristoffer Gustafsson
>>>> <kg.kristoffer at>:
>>>>> Hi.
>>>>> How was it with debian?
>>>>> can I install many desktops at the same time?
>>>>> I don't like the gnome-shell thing that comes as default, I simply
>>>>> refuse to use it.
>>>>> so I plan to install mate and unity.
>>>>> can I do this?
>>>>> I'm looking on my new computer today, and need to know what I shall
>>>>> tell the store to install for me.
>>>>> /Kristoffer
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