connecting to wireless network

Doug Smith romans10.9 at
Wed May 4 03:12:52 UTC 2016

Yes, there is a copy of nmcli on kali.  I use it all the time and have had no problem with it.  I normally use my kali from the command line but I am glad to have a gui when I need it.  

The good thing about kali is that it is good for use as your regular daily use desktop OS as well as its intended purpose.  Both my girlfriend and I run it on a daily basis as our everyday system and it works great.  

Another good thing about kali is that it is really best described as a doctored debian testing.  Recently they went to a rolling release that feeds from debian testing so that all the packages debian has to offer and 
more are provided in up-to-date versions.  

Hope this helps. 


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