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Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Tue May 10 02:39:42 UTC 2016

There's a little more you need to know about kali and it isn't good 
You probably grabbed the latest image and if so life will not be good.
The latest image is a rolling release image and what you want is the 
release before the 2.0 release since that one wasn't a rolling release 
If you try installing with that earlier image or even with the rolling 
release you'll hear a beep as the disks boot up, hit s then hit enter 
and you'll have speech shortly.
The problem you're likely going to have with the rolling release is that 
select packages item on main menu in the installer is completely broken 
and needs a bug filed against it.  The install defaults if you select 
nothing won't even install using select packages it's that bad.  This is 
only true in the 2.0 and later releases not the 1.x releases.
Once you have one of the 1.x releases installed and working and are out 
on the internet it will be possible in a terminal window as sudo root to 
do apt-get dist-upgrade and transition into the rolling release.
I tried the rolling release install myself and found no iw package on 
the system but iwconfig was on the system which is outdated so I 
couldn't set up wireless internet connection after having finished what 
I could of the install without select packages menu item working.  Kali 
2.0 and kali 2.x is based on debian stretch and debian stretch provides 
the buggy installer which is now not finalized either so the installer 
is admittedly defective.  Sorry for the bad news, but maybe you can use 
it to your advantage.

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> I'm working on burning the kali linux distro to cd.  Do i need to be on a support list for 'em?  I need to know if it'll be possible to start speech
> once I have the live cd runnin.
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