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Mark Peveto southernprince73 at
Wed May 25 17:45:12 UTC 2016

I'm at my witt's end!  I'm working with f123, a manjaro based distro, and have had really good luck, until it comes to console speech using espeakup.
It'll speak for about 30 seconds, then I get a pulseaudio error that looks like this.
assirtion 'p' failed at pulse/simple.c:273, function pa_simple_write().  Aborting.
It's shot me down on every manjaro based distro I've tried.  Others have seemed to get speech in console, but I can't seem to make it happen.  Vinux has
it, and if i have to i'll put vinux on both machines, but that seems a little nuts.  I like vinux, and am using it now, but would also like the
opportunity to work with these other distros.  I've been able to install my favorite programs, but trying to use them from a terminal just doesn't read
well, so I need the console.
Oh, and before someone says google it, I've done that for a week.  Nothing helps.  LOL!
Mark Peveto
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