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MENGUAL Jean-Philippe mengualjeanphi at free.fr
Wed Nov 2 23:29:27 UTC 2016


We are proud announcing release of Kali for GNU/Linux. It includes:
- three French speaking voices: Patrick, Michel and Guillemette;
- two French speaking voices: Tom and Rosalind.

Kali is slight, understandable and fast, nearly natura-speaking. You can
set usual parameters, and also prosody. With Orca, you can decide to
affect a voice according to what you're reading: link, uppercase word,
regular word.

I tried and felt as if I had a new screen reader! You can test a
45-minutes demonstration release on-demand. If you want to install it
forever, xou can buy it for 85 euros. It is the balance between quality,
wise cost, for a product manufactured by people who are casy to be
contacted for any improvement, although the program is not free. Of
course, Hypra provides the product with suitable speech-dispatcher
module, which is being shipped upstream as a free program.

Any feedback or test request is welcome. Here's samples:



Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

HYPRA, progressons ensemble

Tél.: 01 84 73 06 61
Mail: contact at hypra.fr

Site Web: http://hypra.fr

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