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Kyle kyle4jesus at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 16:56:36 UTC 2016

I'm not at all sure how in the world things like NVDA and Narrator crept 
into this conversation, since we're talking about Emacs, which is a 
horse of a different color no matter where it runs. In any case, 
something that hasn't been updated in years that is open source could 
always be picked up and maintained again or forked if it can help get it 
up-to-date, and if it's easier to install and even maintain than another 
option like Emacspeak, which is by all accounts very hard just to get 
working, even though it is still maintained upstream.

Personally, I'm not an Emacs user at all, since it has a really 
convoluted workflow overall from all I've seen of it, but I am indeed 
all for choice, and when all available choices respect the freedom to 
use, study, modify and distribute modified or unmodified copies, I 
wholeheartedly support any and all attempts to get any of these free 
choices working. And now with the up and coming spacemacs, if it really 
does work as advertised, the easiest speech interface to get installed 
and working is going to be the best choice overall, even if it will take 
a little dev work to get it updated and keep it maintained. Just my 3000 
satoshi, which in case anyone is wondering, is currently very close to 2 
cents, both in US dollars and euros <devilish grin>.
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