Update related to F123e

Fernando Botelho Fernando.Botelho at F123.org
Sun Nov 6 17:17:55 UTC 2016

Thanks to those who have sent feedback to my emails to various lists.

So far this is what I have found out:

A lot of people are in agreement regarding the need for:

* An easier way to install and setup Emacspeak;
* An easier way for Emacspeak to use eSpeak and/or other synthesizers; and
* At least one expert also mentioned that Spacemacs does not solve all 
issues, as it has some inaccessible output.

However, it has been said that:

* SpeechD-el can make Emacs accessible;
* SpeechD-el already works well with Speech-Dispatcher and eSpeak;
* SpeechD-el is already easier to install and is multilingual by default;
* SpeechD-el could even be used to bridge communication between 
Emacspeak and Speech-Dispatcher and eSpeak; and
* it might be easier to just bring Spacemacs keybindings to classic 
Emacs rather than move all of the SpeechD-el or Emacspeak accessibility 
to Spacemacs.

I have updated our project document accordingly:



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