Dropbox on Vinux?

Alonzo Cuellar mariachiac at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 22:34:19 UTC 2016

Hello Amanda,

You'll have to do this blindly. But here goes.

Once you launch Dropbox do the following:

tab once, enter your email

tab once more and enter your password


If the above does not work you should just have to alter the first step. 
I can not remember upon opening Dropbox, if you tab to enter your email 
or just enter your email and tab to enter your password.

Since my Dropbox is already linked with my Linux installation I am just 
going by memory.

Once you've done that press enter and it should attempt to link your 
computer to Dropbox. You will wait a few seconds and press enter. Once 
you press enter, you will be presented with your Dropbox folder. You can 
just close the folder as the process will be running to sync your files. 
Feel free to contact me on twitter or the various social media services 
if you need help.


twitter = mariachiac

skype = mariachiac

facebook = facebook.com/alonzo.cuellar

I've also got a sip address, but its not up at the moment.

mariachiac at sip.linphone.org

On 11/7/2016 3:29 PM, Amanda Lacy wrote:
> Hi, has anyone gotten it to work and if so how? The sign-in interface
> is inaccessible and the CLI doesn't seem to offer an option for
> signing in. Thanks.
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