Orca & tbird issues (was: Update related to F123e)

John G Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Wed Nov 9 18:59:03 UTC 2016

The problem that keeps getting me in thunderbird is that if you tab into 
a mailbox, orca will read the subject & from headers for a message that 
may or may not be selected. If you wait until it's done speaking, orca 
will indeed say, "not selected". But who waits for orca to read that 
whole thing?  A similar thing happens if you press the end or 
control+end keys to go to the end of the list of messages in a mailbox. 
Orca will read the subject & from headers for the last message in the 
mailbox but that is not the message that is currently selected. If you 
press control+r to reply, you will be replying to the wrong message.

If you remember to move the focus around you can make sure you are on 
the message you actually want to respond to. But the problem is 
compounded by the fact that when you press reply, orca often has a 
problem reading the text in the message body. Mostly this can be fixed 
by shifting the focus away from thunderbird and back. I have little 
doubt this problem is basically with thunderbird because it is similar 
to a problem with gnome-terminal.  When you opena tab in gnome-terminal, 
orca often cannot read the text in the tab. If you switch the focus to 
different tab and back, then orca can read the text. I asked about this 
on the orca list and Jeanmarie Diggs said it was due to gnome-terminal 
being ill-behaved.  It wasn't setting the focus correctly or something.

On 11/09/2016 11:44 AM, Kyle wrote:
> I personally have had no trouble at all responding to the right 
> messages on both Thunderbird and Seamonkey. The only time I had any 
> real trouble with that was back in the day when I ran Mutt lol. Man I 
> almost got myself into some serious trouble with Mutt, because I tried 
> to respond to a single person and ended up writing to a whole list 
> instead. Those were the days ...
> Sent round and round
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