Orca & tbird issues

Kyle kyle4jesus at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 19:28:05 UTC 2016

I haven't had problems as you have described in Thunderbird for some 
time, although I do get hangs and frozen speech, even though all other 
apps speak without issues. SeaMonkey on the other hand works much better 
here. I neither hear spoken messages that are not selected, nor do I 
lose focus often. I have disabled all checkboxes that cause messages to 
be stored on this computer, so it cuts down a lot of the i/o that seems 
to hang things. However, Thunderbird doesn't appear to honor that 
option, so I'm on SeaMonkey for the foreseeable future, untill or unless 
Evolution, Balsa, Geary, Claws-mail or something else gets its act 
together and starts reading everything I need to hear and/or stops 
crashing as I try to use it.
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