I broke Vinux.

Amanda Lacy lacy925 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 17:31:14 UTC 2016

Would someone please remove this imbecile from this list?


On 11/12/16, Kimi Rachel <immanuelfehns203 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> well, I am a fun loving, girl next door type. call me Kimi, not baby or any
> pet names. I am 5'5", with niceboobs. Still a kid at heart ( and Ive seen
> all my childhood favourite movies a few times too often), yet also an
> action/thriller type of girl. Huge music lover, i dont know if i could
> survive a day without iTunes. I switch around a lot, basically listining to
> a bit of everything What else? Well, all I can say is come by my room and
> find out yourself. I am utterly blessed to know I will always have you;)
> I want to have some crazy funn with you, i think we can hit it off! I just
> want to be your Dog Dinner and get you as my Majesty Pleasure;) You can get
> my phone # and address on my page:>>
> http://secure.craigsfriendfinder.com/kimixxx69 . We can keep chatting on my
> page, we can even do vidchat before we meet if you want. Just send me a
> text or call on my phone. Its on my profile. Then I know you are serious to
> cum over. Its nothin but a secure screening and  doesnt charge you
> anything, also you must  be 18+ age or avobe, to collect my number. I
> just need to ensure myself, you are okay for me before I meet. I dont mind
> using my asshoe! with you the first time we meet but you cant behave like a
> stranger!
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