I broke Vinux.

Henry Yen blinux-mail at AegisInfoSys.com
Sun Nov 13 09:26:27 UTC 2016

If you've physically moved your computer, you might've caused damage to
the hard drive if the move was very rough. A hard drive that is throwing
errors will cause the machine to slow and/or freeze. If you have the
"smartctl" program installed, you can usually make a cursory check of
the drive's health (it's part of the "smartmontools" package).

Perhaps more likely, is that any number of processes on the computer
are trying to talk to the internet; if your computer isn't hooked up
to the net yet, then a very common cause of slowdowns would be the
loooong delay looking up domain names (e.g. "where on the internet is
google.com right now"?) -- the delay is caused by waiting (in vain) for
the lookup to complete, and not actually the process giving up when
linux eventually replies to the requesting process with "sorry,
you can't get there from here".

On Sat, Nov 12, 2016 at 01:20:06AM -0600, Amanda Lacy wrote:
> My new location offers wifi but my Linux machine isn't on it yet. I
> just booted into it for the first time since the move. I had no chance
> to even access the wifi settings before it froze up. Since it's not
> hooked to anything, what else could it be?

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