iPhone Debate.

John G. Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Mon Nov 14 00:33:41 UTC 2016

A few years ago on the web site of the International Association of 
Visually Impaired Technologists, www.iavit.org, I set up a page to 
compare screen readers. I thought I'd collect data and put up a fair, 
head-to-head comparison. My collaborators at iavit had an intervention 
with me and got me to take the page down.  They're like, "You don't want 
to open that can of worms." I swear I am the only person on this planet 
able to discuss this stuff rationally.

I have an ancient ipod touch and an iphone. The reason I got the itouch 
was that back then, all my research indicated that the screen reader for 
android was no where near as good as voiceover for IOS. As President of 
IAVIT and an employee at the University of Wisconsin, I have 
considerable expertise at hand.  I also read reviews on-line and asked 
around on the internet. Voiceover was the clear winner at that time. I 
did the same research the last time I bought a phone about a year and a 
half ago. all my research indicated that things had tightened up 
considerably but that voiceover for IOS was still ahead. Almost 
everybody I talked to said one thing that bothered me. They said you 
could get a lot out of an android phone but you'd have to work at it. An 
iphone just works.

I am happy with both my ipod touch and my iphone. I certainly don't 
think you're making a mistake to buy an iphone. It sounds to me that if 
you are willing to work at it, you might be able to get more bang for 
your buck from android. I don't know though, I don't have an android phone.

PS: Since when do worms come in a can?

On 11/13/2016 05:58 PM, Jeffery Mewtamer wrote:
> Back when I used an Android device, I don't remember much pressure to
> use Google services, but that was back in the Android 2.3 days, so
> it's entirely possible Google has gotten pushier since then.
> Closest things to a Smartphone I have these days are a Raspberry
> Pi(running Rasbian, giving me the freedom of Linux) and a Blaze ET,
> which I think might be running a custom Android and doesn't really
> have much beyond Text-to-speech of eBooks and media playback going for
> it, but does those really well(Plays most audio and video formats(MKV
> being the most notable exclusion) and reads most text formats(Kindle
> being the most notable exclusion) all in a smartphone-like form
> factor, a fully voiced interface with physical buttons and a
> full-sized SD slot.

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