iPhone Debate.

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Mon Nov 14 01:06:06 UTC 2016

Quite a few people can discuss this rationally. I've had both iPhones 
and Android devices for a few years now. I recently switched my every 
day smart phone from an iPhone to an Android phone. I still use an 
iPhone at the office. I see quite a few people on the Android and the 
iPhone lists I'm on who have experience with both platforms and who 
recognize each platform's strengths and weaknesses.

Unfortunately there are a lot of fan boys on each side, and a lot of 
dated or misinformation out there, but that doesn't mean there aren't 
rational people out there too.

On 13/11/16 18:33, John G. Heim wrote:
> A few years ago on the web site of the International Association of
> Visually Impaired Technologists, www.iavit.org, I set up a page to
> compare screen readers. I thought I'd collect data and put up a fair,
> head-to-head comparison. My collaborators at iavit had an intervention
> with me and got me to take the page down.  They're like, "You don't want
> to open that can of worms." I swear I am the only person on this planet
> able to discuss this stuff rationally.
> I have an ancient ipod touch and an iphone. The reason I got the itouch
> was that back then, all my research indicated that the screen reader for
> android was no where near as good as voiceover for IOS. As President of
> IAVIT and an employee at the University of Wisconsin, I have
> considerable expertise at hand.  I also read reviews on-line and asked
> around on the internet. Voiceover was the clear winner at that time. I
> did the same research the last time I bought a phone about a year and a
> half ago. all my research indicated that things had tightened up
> considerably but that voiceover for IOS was still ahead. Almost
> everybody I talked to said one thing that bothered me. They said you
> could get a lot out of an android phone but you'd have to work at it. An
> iphone just works.
> I am happy with both my ipod touch and my iphone. I certainly don't
> think you're making a mistake to buy an iphone. It sounds to me that if
> you are willing to work at it, you might be able to get more bang for
> your buck from android. I don't know though, I don't have an android phone.
> PS: Since when do worms come in a can?
> On 11/13/2016 05:58 PM, Jeffery Mewtamer wrote:
>> Back when I used an Android device, I don't remember much pressure to
>> use Google services, but that was back in the Android 2.3 days, so
>> it's entirely possible Google has gotten pushier since then.
>> Closest things to a Smartphone I have these days are a Raspberry
>> Pi(running Rasbian, giving me the freedom of Linux) and a Blaze ET,
>> which I think might be running a custom Android and doesn't really
>> have much beyond Text-to-speech of eBooks and media playback going for
>> it, but does those really well(Plays most audio and video formats(MKV
>> being the most notable exclusion) and reads most text formats(Kindle
>> being the most notable exclusion) all in a smartphone-like form
>> factor, a fully voiced interface with physical buttons and a
>> full-sized SD slot.
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