iPhone Debate.

Christopher Chaltain chaltain at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 01:15:10 UTC 2016

I'm pretty sure there have always been Android phones with a home 
button, and there definitely are some now. The Samsung S7 Active I have 
right now, has a home button, a back button, and a recents button, and 
the other S7's have a home button.

There are also a few Android phones with keyboards. There's the 
Blackberry Priv and the LG Wine Smart.

On 13/11/16 18:44, Hart Larry wrote:
> Well, some  years ago I tried an Iphone, but could never become
> comfortable with a touch screen. At least an Iphone had a button for
> SIRI which an Android did not. Well, I ran a search in quotes
> "smart phone with buttons"
> Actually an item came up, but so-far you must buy from out of the US.
> Its a Kapsys, which they said was going to be available in October.
> Anyway Kapsys has a touch screen on the left, buttons on the right,
> however, some of the layout is weird. The Kapsys site is a challenge to
> find English. I already spoke with the future US distributer, but they
> like myself are still waiting
> Hart
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