Bones Milestone 3 Ace now has Lua support

Rob Harris robh at
Fri Oct 21 12:48:23 UTC 2016

Brilliant++....   guess who wants one!
Didn't find a price, so if anyone knows,  and if ....  forget that, i'll 
read LUA's reference manual to get a view on style.  See'f it's like 
anything I know already.

But many thanks for this,  about time I bought something other than 
hand-made ukuleles.


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Hi, all,

I've just learned in some correspondence with its developer that Bones
Milestone 3 Ace now has Lua v. 5.3 embedded to script the device in
its beta firmware update. The firmware update is due to be released
very soon. The message from the developer:

"... we have Lua already in our product Milestone 312 Ace. It is a 5.3
implementation and works nicely. We will officially introduce this in
a few weeks, so that users know how to use it. Since our device works
for blind users, the re-directed the print() command to the synthetic
speech, for instance. Also, we have made nice library functions for
input giving, since ioread() might be difficult otherwise."

>From the product home page at <>:

Milestone 312 Ace - The Smart Assistant

The new Milestone 312 Ace is our masterpiece and your smart assistant
for organization and entertainment. It provides FM broadcasting,
optional WLAN-access and even lets you program your own games and
applications. Any task you throw at the Milestone 312 Ace will be
output in flawless CD-quality audio, thanks to its award-winning
MP3-decoder. This device is scheduled for a worldwide release in the
fourth quarter of 2015.

* Stunning audio quality - experience one of the best MP3-decoders.

* DAISY-player also supports Audible, EPUB, NLS and Bookshare.

* Professional voice recorder for high-quality recordings. Ready for
recording in a mere 3 seconds, even if the device is still in sleep

* Listen to content through your car radio or hi-fi system via the
Milestone 312 Ace's FM broadcasting feature.

* Reliable, accomplished hardware, made of sophisticated electronic 

* 12 GB internal memory, actual capacity, expandable with SD- or
SDHC-cards of up to 32 GB.

* Clock, alarm, stopwatch and sleep timer.

* Software-Equipment: Thoroughly revised FM-tuner and agenda for
staying organized.

* Hardware-Equipment: Color detector "FaMe", barcode reader "Woodscan"

* Credit card sized, easy to operate - 6 buttons, weighs only 2 ounces.

* Powerful speaker, headphone-jack, gyroscope, high-speed USB interface.

* Programmable in LUA: Be creative and write your own games and
applications for the Milestone 312 Ace or check out what other
talented users have come up with. This feature is still in development
and will be made available through a future firmware update.

* Optional WLAN-card enables you to access files on your home network.
This hardware add-on is still in development and due for release in
the second quarter of 2016.

The Reference Manual for Lua v. 5.3 is here.

Best regards,


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