adding a user to sudo

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Tue Oct 25 23:46:56 UTC 2016

> Using visudo is much safer than echoing data to the sudoers file.

I second Chuck's advice about the safety.  Using visudo also does
sanity-checks and syntax checks to make sure there's nothing
obviously and horribly wrong with your file.  It also locks the
file to prevent concurrent (and possibly conflicting) edits to the

> The visudo command lets you edit that file, and if you don't like
> it's choice of editors, you can easily pick your own favorite, like
> this:
> $ EDITOR=nano visudo

I think it looks for $VISUAL first, so I have to do

  $ VISUAL=nano visudo

to change the editor (it works with non-visual editors too, in case
you prefer ed)

> Imagine what would happen if you used only a single greater-than
> instead of a double greater-than by mistake, when you echo
> something to sudoers.

heh, haven't done this with the sudoers file, but have done it
accidentally on other files.  Thank goodness I set up version-control
beforehand.  Have done similarly with biffing up my if= and of=
parameters to dd.  Whoops. There goes that hard-drive.


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