Cannot Run Lang=Date?

Tony Baechler tony at
Thu Oct 27 12:35:57 UTC 2016

That sounds like a locale issue. Have you upgraded your locales or trn4 
packages recently? I've not seen this specific error, but I've seen similar 
errors when locale settings are missing. Try this and see what happens:

lang=C trn

If the error doesn't go away and you've upgraded trn4 recently, it's 
probably a bug and should be fixed. If you're compiling from source, the 
above probably isn't it, in which case I would see if locales is installed. 
If so, purge and reinstall. If not, try installing it, but it probably won't 
matter. It could also be an odd translation issue, in which case it's almost 
certainly a bug in trn4, again especially if you're compiling from source or 
if you've recently upgraded.

On 10/26/2016 5:54 PM, Hart Larry wrote:
> Well, while grabbing articles in trn4, yes articles are appending, but I am
> noticing this message with each article as it comes in:
> "can't run lang=date
> Would this error have any impact, or can some1 please inform how to fix this
> in Debian testing? Thanks so much in advance
> Hart
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