Quick and Easy Google Search Script Needed

Martin McCormick martin.m at suddenlink.net
Mon Apr 10 12:05:17 UTC 2017

	It's been said that a person will work and work to
improve something until he eventually breaks it. I think Google
has done a yeoman's job of doing just that.

	For several years, I had great luck in using the
following script and all one needed to do was change the last line:

lynx -nostatus http://www.google.com/search?q=\
"left-handed monkey wrench product history"

	One would get scholarly articles and email discussion
threads concerning left-handed monkey wrenches and even articles
on how to use a right foot to operate one if you accidentally
left your left hand at the last job.

	This script has gradually become less and less useful as
Google modified their algorithms to become more commercially
useful to them and less intuitive to us.

	Has anyone found a better way to do text-based searches?

	I prefer to use the command-line when it works but I do
also use a Mac, iPad and android tablet when possible but the
thing I like about the command line is it's repeatability at
least until Google changes the algorithm.

With lynx, it is also very easy to copy the text of a page for
later reference and to capture the url used when that is needed.

	Thanks for all constructive suggestions.

Martin McCormick

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