Sonar GNU/Linux merges with Vinux

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Last i read, both sonargnulinux and vinux were in the process of merging into Fedora and that first release was supposed to have happened sometime in April 2017 and would be called Fedora 26.0.  What has happened since then I do not now know.

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Sorry for the late reply, but see comments below. 

On 3/16/2017 3:36 PM, Joel Roth wrote: 
Eric Oyen wrote: 

...we, as a community, don't have an actual unified distro 
to call our own. Sure, Vinux is a decent distro, but it's 
lacking a lot of useful features outside of accessibility. 

OK, but why do we, as a community, need a special distro? Yes, it's free 
software, so there is certainly nothing stopping you as long as you realize 
it's your pet distro along with the about 300 others on I 
would much rather have a popular, mainstream distro which includes great 
accessibility like Debian and derivatives. 

I'm not sure how things are at present, but in the past, 
Debian has shown some commitment to supporting 
accessibility[1], including at the installer level[2]. 

Yes, Debian still supports accessibility. Every alpha release of D-I has 
accessibility features and fixes. 

This is not the same as a special-purpose distribution, and 
I think the pages were written some time ago. Still I would 
think that some effort would be worthwhile, and would 
benefit all Debian derivatives, which could include 
a accessbility-centric distribution. 


These pages should be fairly current and are often updated by Debian 
developers like Samuel Thibault. 

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