Any Currently Working Weather Apps?

Janina Sajka janina at
Tue Apr 18 14:14:26 UTC 2017

Always nice to have more options for weather. Thanks, Tony!

A comment on the wx script ...

I have found the script works just fine. However, the service isn't
fully reliable. What I mean is that there are days I get only current
conditions, and days on which I get a full week's outlook. Just now, for
instance, the output for my zip code is a complete week's forecast.

The inconsistancy is not global in my experience either. By this I mean
that it may work as expected for one location, but not for another
location. Early this month I traveled to Seattle on business.
Consequently, for a few days ahead of my trip I was interested in
weather both at home and in Seattle. In one case I get a full report.
The same command run with the other zip yielded just current conditions.



Tony Baechler writes:
> Yes, I realize this is a very, very late reply, but it might be useful
> anyway and is generic for any platform. I think both the NWS and Weather
> Underground have changed their interfaces in the last year, probably
> breaking most weather apps. It doesn't matter though as you can get plain
> text output of the weekly forecast. The problem is either you have to search
> for your zip or city and state or you have to know your latitude and adjust
> accordingly. Once you find your forecast, search for the plain text link.
> Bookmark that link or copy it somewhere. It's then just a matter of making a
> script to pull that plain text link and display it. Here is my local weather
> forecast as plain text:
> As you can see, go to You could put "curl" in front of
> the above link and have it display the latest weather forecast on demand.
> The output is fairly short, but you could pipe it through less or save to a
> file.
> On 10/15/2016 3:49 PM, Hart Larry wrote:
> > Well, for `many years, have been useing a "wx" script which goes through
> > Wunderground, but last day or so, now it only is displaying current
> > conditions, no forecast. So I looked in Debian testing-and-grabbed several
> > items:
> > libgeo-metar-perl libgweather-3-6 libweather-com-perl php-services-weather
> > weather-util
> > Well, weather and weather-util seem exactly the same, but items at NWS have
> > been removed, so essentially these are useless. Can any1 please suggest
> > something simple to configure? Thanks so much in advance
> > Hart
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