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Sun Apr 23 21:10:13 UTC 2017

Red Hat is a company, so you may say something like Fedora is to Red Hat 
as Ubuntu is to Canonical. The difference though, as has already been 
pointed out, is that Ubuntu is a fork of Debian, whereas Fedora is a 
parent distribution itself and isn't forked from anything else.

On 23/04/17 16:03, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Wait, I thought Fedora was to Redhat as Ubuntu is to Debian, or has
> Fedora become more of it's own thing over time?
> Though honestly, I see Debian has having less of a slow release cycle
> and more of Debian Testing being a rolling release on par with any of
> the quick cycle distros, and Debian Stable being closer to the LTS
> releases of other distros. That said, having Adriane ported upstream
> from Knoppix to Debian and an Adriane version of Debian CD 1 is still
> my dream when it comes to accessible Linux. Persumably, it shouldn't
> take that much work since Adriane is mostly bash scripts and Knoppix
> sources most of it's binaries from Debian's repositories, but there
> are a few programs Adriane uses(The SBL screen reader probably the
> most important) that would need to be compiled for architectures other
> thand i386 to run on all flavors of Debian.

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