Blind vs. mainstream distros

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Sun Apr 23 22:57:38 UTC 2017

# To clarify, I was under the impression that Fedora was, at least
# originally, a derivative of RedHat Enterprise Linux and that the term
# RedHat was typically used both for the company and for the distro that
# bears their name
Not quite. Fedora is the continuation of the distro called "Red Hat," 
which was essentially the desktop version of Red Hat's operating system. 
Red Hat Enterprise is the commercially supported version, mostly for 
servers and enterprise workstations, which takes packages from Fedora 
and modifies and patches them so that they work predictably in that 
environment. Fedora is said to be the testing ground for new features 
and applications that will eventually make it into Red Hat Enterprise, 
and also CentOS, which is also now a Red Hat distro. This said, Fedora 
is for the most part the parent of all these, and its maintainers work 
directly with upstream application developers. This is closest to what 
the original "Red Hat Linux" of 2002 and 2003 was, although it was also 
commercially supported at that time.

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