Sonar GNU/Linux merges with Vinux

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Mon Apr 24 00:24:29 UTC 2017

Orca only *seems* slightly slower than NVDA to some because it works 
directly with the browser. I'll take that any day over a page taking 
twice as long to load because it first has to be loaded into the 
browser, and then it has to be loaded yet again into NVDA's virtual 
buffer. And forget dynamic content. I expect dynamic content to work, 
not to slow down the whole screen reader because that has to replace 
part of the virtual buffer, or to fail to work at all because the 
virtual buffer is immutable while a page is loaded.

And control+left arrow going to the link I clicked on last? Hell no! 
Give me control+left and right that read by words as expected, which is 
what Orca does. I don't want all that fancy blinky stuff they have on 
Windows that doesn't half work. Give me something that at least mostly 
works, and which can be improved in the near future, which is what I 
feel like I have now. I once heard from Janina Sajka, a well respected 
member of the w3c and the Linux Accessibility Working Group, that 
Firefox + Orca is the best combination currently available. I flatly 
refuse to disagree with that acessment.

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